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Our Founder - Ain Fatin Liyana

Ain Fatin Liyana is a serial entrepreneur who founded and led 1Minute Miracle starting with a small capital of just RM5,000, and armed with the lessons she had learned from previous ventures she wanted to create a business that realised her bigger dream. That dream was realised in a very short space of time.

The early days of the brand saw it with limited capital and funds, and they were struggling to find the best suppliers with good quality and the best price. In order to achieve their aims the couple hired freelancers with specific expertise to help them to realise their vision and mission in a proper way, such as an internet marketer, graphic designer, photographer and external auditor. In addition to this the brand decided to conduct extensive research into its target audience and its competitors while , at the same time, picking the brand’s focus and personality.

1Minute Miracle’s business office operates from Kedah. In 2020, they already have more than 2,000 members that have already signed up as 1Minute Miracle’s authorised resellers, all over the country. In addition they also have resellers in SINGAPORE, BRUNEI and INDONESIA.

All the production processes in the manufacture of their products are monitored by a cosmetic factory that is GMP certified, has an ISO certificate and is also HALAL certified.

Ain and her husband are now currently helping local entrepreneurs by giving advice and consultation on how to run a business. “We had gone through a lot of things in the past. So we hope by doing this, we can help them by not encountering the same things that we had faced before,” Ain said.

Ain Fatin Liyana


Wisma 1Minute Miracle

1 Minute Miracle was founded in 2014 by Ain Fatin Liyana and her husband and its first product was a cosmetic foundation. In just one month, their sales grew tremendously from hundreds of orders at first to thousands of orders, within a single week. “At one point, our supplier in Malaysia couldn’t cater for our high level of orders so we had to find another supplier that could do so,” adding that they managed to sell 3,000 – 4,000 units of foundation to the Singapore market alone. Since that time the brand’s product range has expanded to include Mascara, Foundation, Eyebrow and Setting Spray which are all targeted at the mid range of incomes and lower. Overall the brand’s sales come from the high end of the market at 15%, mid range at 60% and 25% from the lower end of the market. This strategy has resulted in the company achieving respectable turnover figures that are increasing year on year and a market share in Malaysia of 2% for each of its products.

In terms of sales 1 Minute Miracle concentrates on e-commerce channels which are more efficient in terms of labour costs and are less time consuming for both vendor and purchaser. A nation-wide base of resellers are the core of the business and the results are very encouraging demonstrated by the trust that has been built between the brand and its customers. Enhancing this mark of confidence is the efficient delivery service used to get the products direct to the customers’ homes.

By 2024, 1 Minute Miracle intends to target at least a 10% market share from one or two of their main products by concentrating their efforts all over Malaysia. It is hoped that this will result in an increase in their annual turnover to a minimum of RM30 million in the next five years.

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